Friday, June 12, 2009

The Boys

A dachshund, and a shih tzu. Anyone need a dog? They are super cute, but obnoxious and super sneaky! Bandit(the dachshund) is too smart for his own good! He climbs onto the side table takes hershey kisses and runs under our bed with them. Eats them through the foil wrapper, and then comes back for more. He may have thought he was being sneaky until I noticed a huge dent in the bowl, and foil on his face. But, he learned his lesson hopefully because now he is sick-too much cholcolate!Wickett, the shih tzu, is much more behaved. He gives high-fives, shakes, rolls over and occasionally wets the bed?! Not fun, its like sleeping in the same bed as a 3-year old during potty training.When he has to go, sometimes instead of getting out of bed and going for the doggie door, he stands up in our bed and goes, then gets down and lays on his own bed. Thanks dog! O well, one day they will spend the whole night in the kennel, and the rest of the day outside on the porch, they hate "being dogs". They whine and throw fits if we put them outside. Its truly sad! But they have their cute days! This week isn't one of them!

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