Friday, October 22, 2010

Hunters First Haircut!

While we were in Phoenix for Hunters birthday, we went to the familys favorite hairdresser for a little trim. Hunters hair was getting really long and covering his eyes, and was all over the place! We thought he would be squirmy and try to get out of the chair, so I sat with him to make him feel comfortable. He didnt seem bothered by the scissors, or new place. He sat very patiently and calmly. Then about half way through the haircut he became restless! But Aunt Jessica, Gram and Great Grandma and myself were able to work to keep his attention. Also, Sue gave Hunter several different things from her hairdressing aresnal to help & Don filmed the whole thing. It will be fun to watch in a few years. Almost time for another one! :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hunter's 1 year Photo Shoot

Hunter has a very talented aunt. She is an excellent professional photographer here in San Diego. She has quite a knack for getting the right shot. We asked her to give her lil nephew a photo shoot for his 1 year milestone. Well, the day came, and we were ready, but the weather was not! It was raining! Bummer...but we went to our location anyway, hoping it would clear up. A great location in Carlsbad, that a very nice photographer friend of Nickys let us "borrow" for this special shoot.
We got our first outfit on, and let Hunter explore his new wet surroundings and Nicky, armed with an umberella, went to town clicking away. He was cooperative once he realized the rain wasnt a bad thing and found some cool things to play with. Then, the rain stopped!!! Finally, we could relax about getting Hunters clothes wet and dirty. Also, the big guns were let out. Jaiden, looking fly in plaid, and Allessandra looking adorable in her floral vintage dress and cute headbands... joined Hunter and made the pictures pop! We also found a great barn, old wagon, and water silo. The kids did their best to hang in there and put on some great smiles. Nicky got some great shots!! She'll have to do our christmas photo:)

A little trip to Phoenix for a big event!

SO! We just celebrated my sons First Birthday on October 8th, 2010!! It was quite a day... His aunts and uncles decorated Grams house, I made his cake, and his special birthday t-shirt, and Dad ordered all the pizzas! It was great to get all the family and friends together for such an event! Hunter "opened" presents-Mom helped-and then had some pizza and cake. Hunter was given a little cake to "eat" and he sure did make a mess, and ate a little. He was literally dong circles in the living room when we let him out of his chair! He had a blast! Cant wait for the next one-but not too fast approaching I hope!

We went to Phoenix, where my family lives. We stayed at 'Grams' house-my mom-and had a great time visiting everyone. We arrived October 5th, Aunt Jessicas 22nd birthday. We were very happy to make it there to spend that time with her.
, Also, Uncle Chase is in the high school bandand Thursday night we went to see him perform with the band at a football game. Hunter loved it! He had to stand up and cheer and dance to the music. It was more fun to watch than the football game ;) But when the band came out, Hunter went nuts! He even screamed at people who walked in front of him because then he couldnt see. :D Quite a fun night.
One of the other big firsts, I guess, was Hunters first Happy Meal-not that he'll get used to eating them. He had chicken nuggets, apple slices, apple juice, and of course, the toy. He had such a big smile on his face. I guess thats why they named it a "Happy Meal".

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hunter Update!

WOW! Only 2 months until Hunter is 1 year old!!! Its amazing how quickly it has gone! We've been having a wonderful summer so far! We are quite the crawler, getting brave and letting go of things to try to stand on our own 2 feet. We go jogging with Mom, play at the park, and swimming! We have even been to the beach a few times! We love eating sand and playing in sand castles! :) We had a visit from Papa Erick & Grandma Nini, and of course Aunt and Uncles!Numbered ListWe are planning the Big Birthday, and hope to spend it in Phoenix with our family!


Its so hard to believe that Hunter will be a year old in under 2 months!! We have been rather busy lately! Hes quite the crawler, and is getting brave enough to let go of the couch and table, to attempt to stand on his own two feet! When we arent out jogging with momma, we head to the pool and the beach!! We play in the grass at the park, and are having a great summer!!! He loves bathtime, and loves just hanging out! Californias weather has been great so we can play outside often! :)

We are planning Hunters Big Birthday, and hope to spend it in Phoenix with all the family! What should we do!? :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hunters Standing!

June 13th, 2010. Hunters 8months old, and when I tried to capture his first time sitting up on his own, the video turned into something much more exciting! Our First milestone to exploration :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Latest Pictures of Hunter

We sit up by ourselves! & We have 2 teeth!

Here he is! 8Months old!!! WOW does time fly!!?
Not the best few, I keep my cell phone more handy than a better camera! I'll work on it!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

6 Months Old?!

............................ ..........................................
WOW! I cant believe how quickly time flies! it seems as though I just got out to Arizona before Hunter was even born! We just celebrated 6months already! He's growing so quickly, and its gonna be hard to keep up with him soon! Hes trying even harder to crawl, is very talkative, and loves to be the center of attention! I cant believe that by this time next year he'll almost be 2! Unbelievable! I dont know how I'll be able to handle pre school or kindergarten! Thank heavens its still far off! But at this pace, I wont even see it sneak up!

We did a little egg dying on Easter, and visited the family. Soon, we'll be missing them! We're going to be heading back to California to be with Dad in a few weeks, and we'll have to post our beach baby pics! But for now, we've had fun just being at home.
.............................. .................................
************* Our Newest "5 Generation" Picture!***************

Monday, March 29, 2010

Phew! I made it!

I finally made it back here! Been a while, and a lot has happened since!

Firstly, my new lil man keeps me very busy! Hunter is getting so big so quick! We are packing up to move back to California to be with Dad, and be back at the beach! YEAH! But, we will miss everyone and we know they will miss us just as much!

Hunters almost 6months old, and is trying to stand on his own, crawl, and is very talkative! You rarely see him without a smile either! :D

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