Monday, August 13, 2012

Update, it has been too long!

WOW! I cannot believe how long it has been since I have updated this blog! I have a lot more news to report...
Hunter will be THREE YEARS OLD in 2months!!!!!! And just before that, I am having another little boy! "Wyatt James" is due September 28th, right after I turn 25! And also in September, I will graduate with my Associates degree!!!! Yay me! So much accomplished in one year, it's amazing! Don returns from his short 3 month underway on Wednesday, we are all very excited to have him back before the little ones arrival, and before any of our birthdays.
Another great thing, we are living in military housing, it is wonderful! We have 4 bedrooms, lots of room, and a huge backyard for all of us to enjoy, a big first that has been fantastic! Hunter spends all day playing in the hose, and playing t-ball outside, and Bandit has enjoyed roaming free to chase birds and meet our neighbor dogs through our fence, and our neighbors are all wonderful people!
I love having a house, it has been awesome, I love the space and the quiet from clanky upstairs neighbors, no more rent to pay, and we even have it lucky enough not to worry about our utilities! :) More money for holidays and emergency cash-nice feeling!
Well, hopefully I remember to get on here when the new guy arrives, until then, Ill try to post as many pictures as I can to get everyone updated! :)
Dad, Mom & Hunter!(2011)
Mom(Wyatt, too), Hunter & Shamu!


Hunter and Cousin Evan

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